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This blog is completely dedicated to the wonderful pairing of Uchiha Sasuke & Haruno Sakura from the manga and anime series Naruto, also known as SasuSaku.

…is she visiting everyday?

August 27 + 1057
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August 25 + 477


sasuke cheering up his waifu

August 25 + 746


Ill post it again because the other one was too small. 

August 25 + 1697


saku is pregnant ^0^

August 25 + 864


Sasusaku Family part 1 

his name is Seita by the way. hes kinda shy but his dad helps him always. 

August 25 + 563


Okay… You guys are probably going to kill me for this, especially 4everxd..but I can’t bring myself to finish this. I don’t know why, but it kind of feels like a creative block. I was stuck with this one since May and this is all I got (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ I even finished a bunch of other short doujins  before this but somehow I am stuck with this one and I just can’t move on. I am posting this so you guys know I am not doing nothing and you deserve to have a glimpse of the two pages I somehow manage to do (even though they are not finished either). There is actually a third page but it has only 2 panels and not really worth showing… This is now officially a failed attempt and I am really sorry for disappointing you. I will pick up this one sometime when I feel like it but for now, it just feels like shameful black spot in my “to-do” folder starring at me with scorn and derision. I just wanted to get this off my heart so I can move on and work on other things sigh

as for the plot, the story takes place in a strip club and the male part of team 7 are set up as back-ups for another shinobi, who tsunade didn’t reveal. They know the main goal and purpose of the mission but not who is operating it. Sasuke is disgusted and pissed because Sakura has “work to do” the whole weekend and isn’t home (control-freak nature?), Naruto is just excited and Kakashi as nonchalant as ever. Well, the rest is pretty much obvious, the oh-soo-secret shinobi was sakura (surprise) and well.. the goal is to seduce the dude in panel 4 on page 2 and then I have no idea what comes after lol. 4everxd was a really big help, since she helped me a lot with the plot but I am too depressed to remember it all right now  (´A`。)..

August 24 + 278


Sasuke and Sakura on the couch…cuddling xD

~Request for kriis-chan

August 24 + 606