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This blog is completely dedicated to the wonderful pairing of Uchiha Sasuke & Haruno Sakura from the manga and anime series Naruto, also known as SasuSaku.


 "I can't let you go
Slow down
Don't leave

Dying days of my youth overtake me."

for the wife, hallous

September 18 + 159
  • Me: *On death bed* Is SasuSaku canon yet?
  • Grandchild: Well....he held her hand in the last episode
  • Me: *Jumps out of bed* Well hell I'm not dying till he puts a ring on it!
September 17 + 983
'Just Friends' (via sh-ocking) September 17 + 189547
"Even during winter it keeps it's beauty, never losing to the cold.
A strong flower that waits for the hope of spring."
Sasusaku Timeline
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"New Life in Konoha"

* sigh * I finally finished this drawing!!!☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆
I drew it for a long time because it is constantly changed details in the course of this work. Frankly, I am very happy finally to finish the job.
I hope you enjoy it.(*´∀`)ノ

September 17 + 807


Sakura doesn’t degrade herself by continuing to love Sasuke. Those fans who dislike her feelings are the ones who completely demean her character by degrading the love she feels by saying she should stop ‘chasing Sasuke’ like she were some love-sick dog. 

There was a point in part 1 during the chuunin exam arc where Sakura stopped acting like a girl with a crush and began to act like someone who had genuine, strong feelings. Most of her dynamic with Sasuke early on had to do with her observing him, worrying about him, and wanting to understand him. Most of all, she wanted his happiness. She told him herself, the path he was going down wouldn’t make him happy.

Sakura fucking Haruno has only ever been concerned about this kids well-being. In part 2, she saw that he had a darkness in him for reasons that she didn’t understand, and it tore her up inside. She thought that, in death, he would be better off, because he wouldn’t sink farther. Even more recently, Sakura was much more worried about Sasuke’s intentions and his feelings towards the people he should care about. Only now does she seem secure around him, now that she knows that he does care still (and he does, don’t even dare to try and convince me otherwise with some cheap ass ‘he tried to kill her!’ excuse while ignoring the rest of the story) about his team.

Her love for Sasuke isn’t selfish. When she wanted Sasuke home, when she thought she had to take his life, when she expressed sadness at the thought of him not caring, it shows how much she cares for him. That she wants not only him to be happy, but that she can’t stand to see him become a monster. It’s deep, and it’s real, whether you like it or not. This delusion that she acts like some crazy woman who chases after him with the intent of wanting to selfishly be with him is of your own making, if you think this way. Sakura has never acted like that. She’s a girl in love with a very difficult guy, and she shows her love with a grace that should be respected, not ridiculed. 

I’ll say it again. Sakura does not chase after Sasuke. She loves him. That’s it. 

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