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Anonymous asked: do you know the episode of naruto wherein sakura and sasuke were still kids and sasuke caught her staring at him?

Oh god, sorry for the late reply >.< 

Yes, it’s Shipp 313 :)

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stupid drawing I dont like it but Ill post it anyways because I dont have anything else to post u.u sasukes pose is weird lol 

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alright but imagine sasuke and sakura’s daughter running around the house with a yin seal drawn in with marker on her forehead pretending to be just like her mom and to prove her strength she always tries to pick sasuke up and bc sasuke doesn’t want to crush her dreams he always stands up on his tippy toes and pretends that she really did pick him up which makes her so so so happy until one day she actually does pick him up for real and he is so shocked 

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I’m right here even when it seems I’m so far out of reach..

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うちはサスケ x 春野サクラ


Day 22: Exposed…

Sakura may never get use to living with Sasuke…

I wanted to draw something a little silly…

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SasuSaku Month: Day 14 & 15
His/Her Side of the Story
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God, I loved this AU so much. I don’t even know anymore, I wanted to see a Native Hinata so… (she dresses both ways though). There’s so much more I wanna draw about them. T__T And Sasuke’s too hot in that vest