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one night when sakura is working late at night, sasuke stays home with their son as a huge thunderstorm is going on. while trying to sleep, sasuke hears their kid whimpering, so he goes to check on him. he finds their son bundled in a ball, crying his eyes out bc the thunder is scaring him. so when sasuke asks why he didn’t go to him, their son replies that at school they make fun of him for not being brave, and that he’s a scaredy cat, so he wanted to prove he is brave. when sakura returns home at around 4 in the morning, she finds sasuke holding their son in the toddler sized bed, with practically his legs sticking out of the bed looking very uncomfortable. he stirs, noticing her and just says ‘thunder. i told him i was scared and wanted protection from the bravest, strongest kid i know’ as he knocks out again with his arms wrapped tightly around their son.


Do u know what episode this scene? I think someone want to continue this, but I will stop working lol 

I will bring nice one than before art or gif the next time:) Maybe this is seems likely to take long..;;

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você poderia indicar mais fanfics (em português)?? Por favor! Já li aquela sua lista toda!

Eu irei, coração! Provavelmente hoje eu faço uma lista. :3


"I will love you till the end of time."

Sasuke’s memories of Sakura are not based on sight.
Sakura resides in the heart.

i let it fall, my heart
// insp


うちはサスケ x 春野サクラ


Halloween! Shugo Chara! costumes…

Sakura looks like a bride as Amulet Fortune and Sasuke looks so dashing as a pirate, right? Special for Sasusaku and Amuto shippers (≧▽≦)www Pink and blue look good together.

Happy Halloween!


Although there is have rather awkward part …

Yeah~It is also bring for naruto ep but, I doing little bit change…:)

I have other animation in my file, but not finish yet 

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Artist: きょおか