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  1. Post your fanwork(s) on the day of the prompt.
  2. You can post you work wherever (LJ, tumblr, FFN, AO3, DA, etc.), but please fill out and submit the form below with a link to your work here on tumblr (A tumblr account is not required).
  3. All ratings are welcome, but note M-ratings in the subject/title line.
  4. NO sign-ups this year. Just pick your prompts, get to work, and submit on the date.


Subject/Title Line: [FANWORK TYPE (ex: fan fiction, fan art, AMV, etc.)] [RATED M (if necessary)] Title

Title: Pick a title.
Summary: If you’re working with something other than fan fiction, I assume this line is useless to you? Feel free to leave it out!
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: Insert prompt here.
Rating: K, K+, T, M
Warning(s): If you feel something in your work needs to be warned against, that goes here. Please be mindful of common triggers as those are required to have a warning.
Comments: Any additional comments go here. It’s like an author’s/artist’s note.
Link: Insert link to your fanwork here.

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"A listless night sky.

Beautiful leaves shimmering in the moonlight…”

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you know she moves like sin
and when she lets me in
it’s like liquid love

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Unless you love someone, nothing else makes sense

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SS - Midnight Talk

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サスサク  A G A I N
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{ D A R K  P A R A D I S E }
Every time I close my eyes,
It’s like a dark paradise,
No one compares to you,
But there’s no you,
Except in my dreams tonight.
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how to be the greatest dork team: team 7 version